At the beginning of October, on Katarina’s birthday, the two of us and her sister went on a day trip to Venice. We left our sleepy Ljubljana in the midst of the night and arrived in Venice when morning fog was still slowly lifting from the empty streets and city’s many water channels. What followed was a lovely morning stroll around the market, discovering Venetian streets still enjoying some early morning solitude and wandering amongst the channels, its gondolas and the locals who, just as us, tried to grasp the last peaceful and quiet moments of the day. After a mandatory stop at Piazza San Marco, we decided to spend the rest of our day on the main islands of the Venetian lagoon. Murano, a small island made out of seven tiny islands connected with bridges and water channels, is particularly famous for its very special Muran glass, yet the most fascinating stop of the day was on the island named Burano. It’s a small fisherman’s town made out of incredibly bright and colourful houses that can hardly leave any visitor unimpressed. We finished our boat trip around the lagoon on Torcello, the least populated and most intact island of the three and then made our way back to Venice. Just as the sun was beginning to set, we made another stroll around city’s main streets, channels, and crossed all of its most magnificent bridges just as live music was beginning to reach our ears from the surrounding restaurants. This wasn’t our first visit of this medieval city that was almost entirely built on water, and yet we are already looking forward to returning, as this is a city of breathtaking architecture, many photogenic locations and undeniable romanticism that is just calling us to do a dreamy wedding photo-shoot.